Learn More about McGee Investigations

McGee Investigations is owned and operated by a veteran RCMP officer with 25 years of experience. With our extensive experience and training in investigations, we can produce as much information as possible.

We do not generally discuss our methods with clients because the less that is known about an investigation the less it can be discussed with friends, family or coworkers. Confidentiality is a very important part of any investigation and many crimes are solved simply because criminals can’t resist talking about their business. It is important that we be given a chance to do our job without everyone being aware that an investigation is being conducted, especially in cases of liability surveillance and loss prevention.

Many people have concerns or reservations about being seen visiting a private investigators office, so we typically will meet a prospective client at a neutral location, such as a restaurant or the client’s home or office for the initial consultation.

Please contact us to discuss your needs or to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation.