Protect Your Business from Fraud & Theft in British Columbia

Your business is your life’s blood and it only makes sense to ensure that employees and potential business partners are being honest with you about their qualifications and backgrounds. McGee Investigations offers a number of professional investigatory and surveillance services designed to keep your business viable and safe from attack or deception, including:

• Accident investigation: We offer investigation of bodily injury claims and covert video surveillance techniques to protect your interests.

• Background investigations: Call us for employment and educational information verification and criminal record checks.

• Computer forensics: Want to know for sure who is using your business’s computers and for what purpose? Have you lost access to critical information or records because of a mistake or sabotage? McGee Investigations can help. Not only can we recover erased hard drive information, we can also permanently erase hard drives so that no trace of personal or business information is retained.

• Covert surveillance & undercover operations: We can go undercover and provide personal and video surveillance of customers and employees to document and prevent theft, employee slacking and more.

• Financial investigations: We can help you to determine assets, debts and claims, and identify targets of lawsuits.

• Loss prevention: Are thefts cutting into your profits? Our firm has had great success using undercover shopper and employee surveillance techniques.

• Process serving: We provide fast and reliable document and subpoena delivery and notice of claim (for courts).

McGee Investigations is your local source for these and other investigative services. Please contact us to schedule a personal consultation so that we can discuss your specific needs and how we can best protect your interests.