Family & Relationship Investigations in British Columbia

When you have a problem or situation that could potentially affect your family or a personal relationship McGee Investigations can help. We offer a wide range of investigative and surveillance services to provide personal security, information confirmation and peace of mind. Some of the personal investigation services we offer include:

Accident Investigation: Have you been involved in a motor vehicle accident and feel you were treated unfairly? We can investigate to identify witnesses and provide you with important details that may have been overlooked or ignored.

Background & Character Checks: Make sure that potential business partner or romantic interest is really who they say they are. Confirm educational and employment achievements, personal and financial information, and more.

Bodily Injury Claims: Were you visiting a local store or mall and experienced a slip and fall? Let us interview witnesses, take photographs and take other measures to bolster your case.

Missing Persons: We will utilize all available resources and techniques to identify, trace and locate missing persons in the fastest, most economical way. Many missing person cases are resolved within a matter of hours.

Relationships: Infidelity (extra-marital affairs/cheating) and divorce; background investigations and identity tracking; missing persons; teen surveillance and computer forensics; nanny cams; personal protection.

McGee Investigations can provide the information you need for the purposes named above, as well as for other reasons. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs and to schedule a personal consultation about your case.