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A Confidential Private Investigator in British Columbia

McGee Investigations offers professional services for personal and business needs in Maple Ridge and throughout British Columbia, serving the needs of law firms, the general public, business executives and lawyers. From checking out the bona fides of your daughter’s new boyfriend and keeping track of your child’s computer activity to loss prevention and locating missing persons, we can do it all quickly, confidentially and at a competitive price. Please contact us to schedule a personal consultation to discuss how we can help with your problem.

Private & Confidential
Client privacy and confidentiality are the #1 priority at McGee Investigations. Original paperwork for each case is shredded and all case records are destroyed after a prescribed time period has passed. We have specialized equipment and covert cameras that allow us to surreptitiously obtain photos and videos and perform electronic surveillance on virtually anyone. We also have access to contract employees who can provide assistance when additional manpower is required.